Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are an economical way of covering your windows. By tilting the blades, you will have complete control over the direction of the light coming into the room.

  • Vertical blinds are a great privacy blind.
  • Great for defecting glare.
  • Available in 89mm and 127mm blades.
  • Choice of either chainless or ball chain bottoms weights.
  • Smooth and simple operation from wand controlled tracking system.
  • Can be used in all areas of the home, including wet areas.
  • If inside mounting vertical blinds, ensure there is enough depth in the frame:
    • For 89mm blades, ensure the depth of the frame is greater than 75mm.
    • For 127mm blades ensure the depth of the frame is greater than 90mm.
  • Consider chainless bottom weights if you have pets.
  • A factory deduction of 10mm is made from the height/drop measurement to ensure the blind does not drag on the floor or window frame.
  • When inside mounted a factory deduction of 5mm is taken from the width of the blind to ensure that it fits inside the frame.
  • Please specify in the notes if two vertical tracks are to be used on the one window. The factory will then adjust the end vanes to create a slight overlap in the middle.
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