Double Roller Blinds

Combine blockout with either light filtering or screen fabrics to achieve filtered daytime light & night time privacy. Control each blind separately, each with its own clutch & ball chain.

  • Two blinds mounted on one bracket.
  • Lower the light filtering or screen blind for day time shade & privacy. At night, lower the blockout blind for night privacy & insulation.
  • Colour co-ordinate bottom rails & ball chains.
  • Great for use in bedrooms and other less formal areas of the house.
  • Provides a minimalist look on the window.
  • If inside mounting double roller blinds and the window frame depth is narrower than 120mm deep, the front blind will protrude into the room.
  • When roller blinds are inside mounted, a light gap of approximately 15-20mm between fabric & frame will be present to allow for fittings on each side.
  • When Roller blinds are inside mounted, the factory will deduct 3mm from the width measurement provided to ensure the blind fits within the frame.
  • If back rolling a roller blind using a blockout fabric with a white backing, the colour of the backing will be visible on the tube at the top of the blind.
  • When roller blinds are front rolled, and are mounted outside of the window frame, there will be a light gap between the fabric and the architrave/wall.
  • On roller blinds greater than 2400mm wide, a 50mm tube with matching brackets will be used. If there are other narrower blinds in the same room, please indicate this on the order form so all blinds can be manufactured using the same tube & bracket size.
  • Standard chain length is approximately ¾ of the blind drop. (i.e. a 2000mm blind drop will be supplied with a 1500mm chain) Please indicate on the order if a different chain length is required.
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